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Label shows Column value based on if another column is Null.

I have two save and submit options for my app.

I needed user to view if they "Updated and Submitted", "Saved only" or "Submitted"

Time and date issues SharePoint, Sharepoint calendar, Power Apps, and beyond

Issues and solutions for Date and Time fields for Power Apps and Power Automate

1. Time zone issues-

If you find that you have converted your time zones in your flow and they are still not dislaying correct in SharePoint. Make sure the time zone in your SharePoint site is correct. It could be default to the wrong time zone no matter where you live and set it up.
Check your site's time zone at: Site information>View all site settings>Regional settings

Two Parameters for StartScreen Navigation to screens with URLs (No Ors)

Add two params to StartScreen If statement, Or Statement. (Sort of)

If(Param("ScreenName") = "Admin", AdminBuildingTripPending, Param("ScreenName") = "BM", DisclosureScreen, WelcomeScreen)


StartScreen messing around with PowerApps Deep Linking to screens

So yes, Microsoft decided to change things up on us to keep us on our toes.

To add links that will direct users to specifics screens, here is the new way to do it.


Power Automate Time only string for Microsoft Template or sharepoint list or email body. :)

My job loves to keep me on my toes.

They required to see the time in a different area than the date on a reservation form.  They did not want them in the same line... Sigh

The Flow:

When an event is cancelled in PowerApps/ Dataverse, delete the event from SharePoint Calendar list with Power Automate

Here's is my flow

When a user modifies their trip record and the "Would you like to cancel" field/choice column is equal to "Yes" (really field value: 115650000) then delete that record from SharePoint Calendar and the dataverse. This flow also send a email notification to the user and the person in charge of trip reservations.


Display User's Full Name from Created By field Dataverse column to use in PowerAutomate

Add a "Get Row ID" action to your flow and with the table name "Users" in "Row ID" add the created by field from your trigger step, "When a row is added, modified or deleted". See below



Get the Label property of Dataverse choice Column for PowerAutomate- PowerPlatform

I am using the "label" of a choice value column for PowerAutomate to create an item to a sharepoint list. I want the column to display the "Label" of the field and not the boolean number.

Expression based on your action step


Breaking down the expression

Change visible property based on datacardvalue via Dataverse colunm value selected- PowerApps


In the DataCard's "Visible" Property.

Based on Dataverse Choice Column:

If(DataCardValue.Selected.Value in "Your Colulm Value",true,false)

IE: If(DataCardValue34.Selected.Value in "New location",true,false)

When your newly created Dataverse column does not show up in your "Add Record" form

This drives me crazy because I can never remember why this happens and I have to search for the answer. Make sure to Save then Publish! The new column will not show up on the form unless you publish the form.


Style daily Power Automate email in a HTML Table

To add on to one of my previous posts, here is how you style your daily email in a nice HTML table.

1. set up the trigger are "Recurrence"

Power Automate- Twitter sign in/ connection issues - the account being added is already logged in

Just a problem I ran into and the solution that fixed it.

I am creating a Social Media Hub so our admistrators can create the content for social media posts and post them to our various social media platform accounts in one place. (Instead of needing to go to each social media site and post them individually)

So my problem was, I created a test twitter account to use for testing purposes through my gmail account.

Part 3! Add your custom connector to PowerAutomate to auto post to Drupal 9! from a SharePoint item list

My flow is :

When an item is created or modified and the publish field value equals "Publish" then get the item and send field values to Drupal and create a job posting for the public to view.


Pick your trigger; and click "Create"

Part Two: Post on Drupal 9 from PowerPlatform build a custom connector in PowerApps, SharePoint, PowerAutomate, Dataverse

Part Two!

We are going to use what we learned from PostMan to create our own PowerPlatform Connector to easily post to a Drupal 9 website.

1. Export your PostMan Collection.

Part One: Post to Drupal 9 from Dataverse Data using PowerAutomate and PostMan - Building the API

First we need to build the API so PowerAutomate can talk to Drupal.

I am developing this for a School Distrct HR Power Platform.  This piece is for the Job Board where HR can get a staffing request from a supervisor.  From there they can create a job posting from with in the Power Platform. That posting will go public on a Drupal 9 site.

I choose to use Drupal instead of Power Portal cause it's cheaper. laugh


No results message for Power Apps Gallery

Add a label with below:

Add your text into the Text property: