Change text color based on field value- Power Apps Galleries

Here is the formula:

If(ThisItem.ColumnName.Value = "Issue", Orange, ThisItem.ColumnName.Value = "Risk", Red, ThisItem.ColumnName.Value = "Dependency", Blue, Black)

Adding drop down filter control for Power Apps based on Choice column:

1. Add the formula in your apps "OnStart"


Your PHP is too old for Drupal 9- Liquid Web VPS Apache Server

Took me a few minutes to figure this out on my VPS so I thought I would share it.

One my liquid web server in the WHM, type in "PHP" in the search. Then Click on MultiPHP Manager.

Remove the comma from SharePoint Item List Integer Number column

On you "Number" column select the drop down option "Column settings"

Power Automate Power Apps - Email link to item in a power apps.

****Update- Due to changes in Power Apps, you must make sure that you have the "Enable Navigation function in App.OnStart" ticked in your App's Settings. Located in Settiings> Upcoming features> Retired


Sort then search items Power Apps Gallery

Sort (Search(
    If (Dropdown4.Selected.Result = "All",'DATASOURCE', Filter('DATASOURCE','ColumnName' = Dropdown4.Selected.Result)),
    SearchBox.Text, "ColumnName") ,Created,Descending)

****Created is the column that stores the created date in my Sharepoint list


Create Item in Child SharePoint list if does not exist or Update an existing item in a child sharepoint list from a master sharepoint list - Power Automate

I have two lists-

Master and the Child list
I am using the Master List's ID column and I created an integer column in the Child List called "CaseID". CaseID is my Key Column.

Here is the Flow.

PowerApps- Field Validation in the submit form function. phone and Email

For the Icon or button you use for a form submit.  Place formula in the "OnSelect" property.
(Tests for "true", a true result: submit the form, false result: it displays an error message on top of the page.)

PowerApps- Phone number validation - in Label

Shows error in label

!IsBlank(DataCardValue7_1.Text) And !IsMatch(DataCardValue7_1.Text,Digit & Digit & Digit & Hyphen & Digit & Digit& Digit& Hyphen & Digit & Digit & Digit &Digit)


PowerApps- Email validation formula checking for valid email format

This Formula can go into the "OnSelect" property of the save or submit button.


   Notify("Email not valid", NotificationType.Error)


This formula can go into a label to use on your screen.



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