Add ing regions to Opigno

Places to add your files. Four things to do.. not including css


Create a region template. 

My template name: platon--site-content--right-sidebar.tpl.php

Pu it in the theme's templates folder.

My code for a plain side bar


  $settings = variable_get('theme_platon_settings');
  if(!empty($settings['palette'])) {
    $backgroundColor = $settings['palette']['dark_blue'];

Adding Itunes or missing Itunes songs in Virtual DJ Mixing software, Windows 10

Yes... I hotmix too. Haha!

So I ran into this issue when I started using Virtual DJ to create Hotmixes for an event we were throwing.

Only a few of my songs were being loaded into the Virtual DJ music directory.

So after looking for hours on the internet for a solution... I started hacking away at my system because I couldn't find anything online to help me.


What worked for me.

I unistalled Itunes, erased all the songs from itnues that were downloaded on to my device.

Restarted my device (Windows 10)

VLookup in Excel for matches

Add users to new sheet (sheet2)
Sort Sheet2 A to Z

 Create New column on sheet 1 at far left (In front of A)

click on cell that lines up with the cell I need to start in that avoids headers

type in the cell the Function VLOOKUP

=VLOOKUP(Cell you want to look up, Cell range you want to look in, 1, FALSE)

   EX =VLOOKUP(C4,Sheet2!A1:A23,1,FALSE)

Before you copy to the next row and beyond, highlight the Cell range in formula bar, (in the above formula is Sheet2!A1:A23) you want to look in, then hit F4.

Opigno Quiz import module text in title/question field too long in excel import

Took me forever to find this answer. My questions that i was importing had too many chartacters in the excel sheet I was importing.  Added the lines below. 


profiles>Opigno_lms>modules>Opigno quiz import app

Go to the file opigno_quiz_import_app.module and where you have

// Start a new one.
$node = (object) array(
'title' => $question,

can you please put

// Start a new one.
$trimmed = substr($question, 0, 250);
$node = (object) array(
'title' => $trimmed,


Opigno LMS- when the homepage changes to "Access denied" for anonymous users

This is just a quick reference on where to find the permissions for the front page of Opigno LMS. 

It took me a second to figure out what I did in error to cause my home page to go to an "Access Denied" page for all users that were not logged in.

There is a feature called "Homebox" for Opigno, which I thought only controlled the dashboard view for users when they are logged in. But not the case, it controls the Front page as well. So changing the permission on which users can see the "HomeBox" directly effects who can see what on the Front page. Weird right?

Forced watermark for browser printing (When user has browser to not print background images)

This solution came in handy for web pages that displayed "unofficial" information that users could print out.



<div id="printDiv">
     <div id="background">
  <p id="bg-text">Unofficial</p>


    opacity: 0.1;

PowerSchool Parent Portal Printable UnOfficial Transcripts :) Using some DATs

Project Description: Allow parents to print out their student's unofficial transcript from the parent portal. Included a forced "Unofficial" watermark that the browser is forced to print.

What I used: DATs, CSS, HTML and Javascript.

The Code

<!DOCTYPE html>

Concat Mom and Dad email columns in PowerSchool using LISTAGG in oracle

We used this to feed to our notification systems. (Absent notifications, Drills, Snow days, etc...)

The query:

SELECT s.dcid,
listagg(ea.EMAILADDRESS, ',')
WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY s.dcid, ea.emailaddress) "Guardian_email"


Jquery and PowerSchool- If statement - show hidden fields

The below will target a div and make it appear and disappear depending on what is selected in another field.





 $j("#ELStatusField").change(function() {

  if ($j(this).val() == "01" || $(this).val() == "06") {


    $j('#AccessElls').attr('required', '');

    $j('#AccessElls').attr('data-error', 'This field is required.');

  } else {



Add custom fields to PowerSchool

1. add custom fields

System> custom fields/ screen>Student Fields Click new.

Add new field to table

system> Page and data management> Manage Database Extentions>

Select table to extend> Usually "Students"

Select "Advanced Extentions"


Select Table you want extention/field to go into 


Then click next again

Step 4 is where you ad your newly created field

Click "add"

Migrate Data from: Select your fields from the drop down


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