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External Link to PowerApps Screen - URL for email bodies.

There's some documentation on this that has the wrong syntax using a "?" but the correct operator is "&".  At least in my system....

The correct syntax for the url is:

Find this part of the URL in your Apps details >


Then add the parameter to the end on the url " &ScreenName=1 "

Add the following to your App's OnStart variable

" If(Param("ScreenName") = "1",Navigate(YourScreenName),Navigate(HomeScreen)) "

If the parameter "Screen=1" doesn't exist in the URL then the app will direct the user to the "HomeScreen" :)

In my case, when the app creates a new record, the platform send an email to the IT department letting the know a New Employee has started and need Network Permissions.  The email notification sent has a link to a screen where IT can see all the New Hires that need account set - up. :)