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Opigno Drupal 7 Quiz - Why can't user see their quiz lesson results?

This is just one possible reason but it's what took me forever to figure out.

I set up a bunch of blocks to display serveral quiz results, some of the blocks were not showing up on my test users results page.

In the quiz module, there is a setting to configure the "Passing Rate" of a quiz. My quizzes were set up to only pass a student user if they recieved a "25%", which actually I think it is the default because I didn't set that... any way, the quiz I set up was really a medical assessment and didn't need a pass or fail percentage so I didsabled the setting in global configurations.  Skip forward a couple months of development, my blocks are not showing for my test user.

After HOURS of research trying to figure out, "What the heck?!" I finally get to setting for the "Pass/Fail" which I had to go to global settings to re-enable. I set all the "Pass/Fail" s to Zero and Walla! all the block are now displayed for the test user.

I knew it had a permissions thing but it's also weird that a quiz taker wouldn't be able to see their results even though they failed.  I am sure there's another setting in there to allow users to see their failed results but it's working now... so I will leave that for another day.


Where to find quiz pass/fail results in the content.

content>Find your quiz> edit>  and all the way at the bottom on the left side there is "Pas/Fail options"

If you cannot change the rate at the quiz level goto global configuration and enable the feature


In the global setting in Opigno

Quiz>quiz settings>quiz configuration> global configuration

then look for

"Allow lesson creators to set a pass/fail option when creating a core characteristics ."

Now you can set all your "Pass/fail"s on the quiz level. :)