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Drupal 7- add user ID UID to URL path and hard code it for Links

I added an if statement for good measure and an example how you could use the link/ URL print.

  <?php if (in_array('Your-Role', $user->roles)): ?>
            <a href ="<?php print $base_path ?>user/<?php global $user; print $user->uid;
?>/achievements"> Results</a>

               <?php elseif ($logged_in): ?>
             <a href="/node/498/" class="faqs-menu-link">
          <a href="/node/499/" class="faqs-menu-link">
         <?php print l(t("logout"), 'user/logout'); ?>
          <?php else: ?>
       <div id="user-account-information">
        <div id="user-links">
          <a href="<?php print url('user'); ?>">
            <img src="<?php print $base_path . $directory; ?>/img/anonymous-account2.png" >