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Adding Itunes or missing Itunes songs in Virtual DJ Mixing software, Windows 10

Yes... I hotmix too. Haha!

So I ran into this issue when I started using Virtual DJ to create Hotmixes for an event we were throwing.

Only a few of my songs were being loaded into the Virtual DJ music directory.

So after looking for hours on the internet for a solution... I started hacking away at my system because I couldn't find anything online to help me.


What worked for me.

I unistalled Itunes, erased all the songs from itnues that were downloaded on to my device.

Restarted my device (Windows 10)

Installed Itunes again from the MS Store.

Signed in to my Itune account 

Since I was re-assoicating Itunes back with this device, I needed to re-download the music I wanted to use.So I went through all the songs I was interested in using for mixing and clicked their cloud to download.

In Itune's preferences (Edit>Preferences) you must check the "Share Itunes Libray XML with other applications" in the Advance tab.

Then CLOSE Itunes.


Open up Virtual DJ and go into the settings. (Top right gear)

Click "Audio" in the middle section.

then use the search to find "Itunes"

It will then show you the path to ITune.

Click the downward arrow on the right of the address and browse to your new Itune's XML

It should be This PC>Music>Itunes>iTunes Music Library.xml


Itunes should now be on the left side menu.

You may need to right click the "Blue" Itunes folder icon and select "Reload" to populate.


This is what got all my tunes into Virtual DJ.  I hope it helps you!