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Drupal 7 Views images paths broken after migration to new server

First check your file system paths in the configuration page.

Then make sure you have the .htaccess from old site migrated to new sevrer as well.

The broken images happened to me when I decided to install a new instance of Drupal core on the server before migrating existing site from another server.
The .htaccess file was not migrated over and that caused the image paths to breaks.

Adding placeholders / text for the inside input elements of Drupal 7 View Exposed Filters / exposed forms blocks

Here's the code you add to the template.php

function your_theme_name_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id){

if($form_id == "views_exposed_form"){// not to be changed form_id
if (isset($form['title'])) { //title is name attribute value of input
$form['title']['#attributes'] = array('placeholder' => array(t('keywords')));


When Drupal 7 view rewrite field as link does not work

If using rewite as link as node/ [nid] you need to be sure that Node: Nid is added as a field. Set it to 'exclude' from display. Make sure that Node: Nid comes first in the fields section.

Bootstrap CSS for radio buttons on Drupal 7 registration page

For all who had issues getting the Drupal 7 Bootstrap theme radio buttons on the registration form to behave.

<div class="form-type-radio form-item-field-whatever">
<input type="radio" id="edit-field-whatever-field" name="field_whatever" value="no" class="form-radio" /> <label for="edit-field-whatever-field">No </label>

#edit-field-whatever-field {
margin-left: 0;

CSS selector is the radio button's ID


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