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When a user misses an appointment date, send email notification - Power Automate - SharePoint List

What I used it for.

My platform automatically schedules an appointment for users.  If the users do not check in by a certain time on the day of their appt. the system sends them an email letting them know they missed their appointment.

Here's the flow:
This is the entire flow.  Scroll down to get the steps.

Skipping weekend for SharePoint Calculated Columns- Due date type stuff

I need to allow the staff to enter a date and base on that date, administer tests based on that date.There will also be a flow that notifies another user that they are scheduled to take a test.

I created Calculated columns so it would automatically generate the dates as soon as the staff members enter a start date.
We do not test over the weekend so I needed to take out saturdays and sundays.

Test are two days apart during a normal work week. So I need every one who starts or completed a test on Thursday or Friday to complete their next test on the following Monday.

Send a daily email with all SharePoint Items that were created today- Power Automate


This flow will send a daily email that contains all the SharePoint Items that were created that day.

My Flow is set up to fire off at 6:15AM and 4:15PM. (You can set up times in the "Advance options")

1. Step one set up the trigger as a Recurrence.

Change text color based on field value- Power Apps Galleries

Here is the formula:

If(ThisItem.ColumnName.Value = "Issue", Orange, ThisItem.ColumnName.Value = "Risk", Red, ThisItem.ColumnName.Value = "Dependency", Blue, Black)

Adding drop down filter control for Power Apps based on Choice column:

1. Add the formula in your apps "OnStart"


Your PHP is too old for Drupal 9- Liquid Web VPS Apache Server

Took me a few minutes to figure this out on my VPS so I thought I would share it.

One my liquid web server in the WHM, type in "PHP" in the search. Then Click on MultiPHP Manager.

Remove the comma from SharePoint Item List Integer Number column

On you "Number" column select the drop down option "Column settings"

Power Automate Power Apps - Email link to item in a power apps.

I use this Flow to send an email to the supervisors any time a record was updated using our Power App.  I did not want to use "Link to Item" because I used power apps to layout the Item forms.  If I sent the Supervisors to the Sharepoint item, it looks a lot different and causes confusion with my not so tech savvy supervisors.

Below are instructions on how to create a link directly to the item in the Power Apps.


Changes in your power app for the redirect.

1. Change "OnStart" in your App Settings

Sort then search items Power Apps Gallery

Sort (Search(
    If (Dropdown4.Selected.Result = "All",'DATASOURCE', Filter('DATASOURCE','ColumnName' = Dropdown4.Selected.Result)),
    SearchBox.Text, "ColumnName") ,Created,Descending)

****Created is the column that stores the created date in my Sharepoint list


Create Item in Child SharePoint list if does not exist or Update an existing item in a child sharepoint list from a master sharepoint list - Power Automate

I have two lists-

Master and the Child list
I am using the Master List's ID column and I created an integer column in the Child List called "CaseID". CaseID is my Key Column.

Here is the Flow.

PowerApps- Field Validation in the submit form function. phone and Email

For the Icon or button you use for a form submit.  Place formula in the "OnSelect" property.
(Tests for "true", a true result: submit the form, false result: it displays an error message on top of the page.)

PowerApps- Phone number validation - in Label

Shows error in label

!IsBlank(DataCardValue7_1.Text) And !IsMatch(DataCardValue7_1.Text,Digit & Digit & Digit & Hyphen & Digit & Digit& Digit& Hyphen & Digit & Digit & Digit &Digit)


PowerApps- Email validation formula checking for valid email format

This Formula can go into the "OnSelect" property of the save or submit button.


   Notify("Email not valid", NotificationType.Error)


This formula can go into a label to use on your screen.


Multi-Screen Form in PowerApps- Display column/ field value in a custom label

This is a very easy solution but finding in on the internet was not. So I am adding it here.

In your powerApp insert label then add the below to it's "Text" Value

PowerApps, SharePoint List, PowerAutomate- Public submission. Move item where user cannot edit any further.

The Scenario:
We are using PowerApps as a UI for organization wide users to submit Grant applications. Forms is not an option because users need to come back in and be able to edit. So I created a multi-screen form app that saves the users progress section by section.

Funny issue in powerapps- too early in the AM. Date format displays strange word.

So it is way too early in the AM for issues to be coming up.  My brain couldn't comprehend this issue when it came up.

My date format was displaying " lulv" on my app.  A google search brought up some naughty sites and I was like "Whaaaaat?" LOL


Power Apps get rid of Blank Value in dropdown filters -ClearCollect

The issue.  Using a DISTINCT function in my dropdown brought in the blank value some records had in that column(Field). I didn't need the filter to have the blank value for filtering.

Display: none; for ICONS to stop the blinking- CSS Font Awesome- Drupal 7

Here's the css code from an unordered list

I believe it is the "SVG"  selector that takes away the blinky thing.


Power BI- Embedded reports- remove navigation tabs from display

How to Hide Power BI iFrame Embedded Report Tabs


Show the navigation tabs:

<iframe width="1140" height="541.25" src="" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>

Remove Hard Wax off eyelashes use a hairdryer! Not a tech post but important information

Haha! I believe this is important information for anyone who uses hard wax for eyebrow hair removal.

Upon waxing my eyebrows I dripped hard wax onto my eyelashes.  It was horrible. 

I tried ice like some posts said but it did nothing.  I tried lotions and oils, nothing.

I waited it out to see if it would just break down by itself... it was laughing at me.

So finally, I read somewhere to use a hair dryer to soften the wax.  BINGO! The hard wax melted and I was able to brush the wax off my eyelashes without the lashes coming out.