PowerSchool importing Legacy fields to merge with new contacts after consolidation

First you need to find the offending field, which in our case is the father, mother field whilooks like it takes the fields of the new contact fields and joins the "First Name" and "last name" fields to display queries. But queries only involving the legacy fields.

The goal it to upload new data into the null fields and overwrite the field.

Problem... becuase the field draws from the new contact fields and techinically those field have data... the change needs to be mapped to the new fields. Upload to get a change and then overwritten again back to the correct data.


Working with the STUDENTS.FATHER_PERSON_ID(legacy), student.father (legacy), student.mother (Legacy), STUDENTS.STUDENT_NUMBER (legacy).




We are going to the change on the Last name field.

Exported all the parents to grab New contact last names and match the name up using the Contact ID. Sweet! Export from the Powerschool Data Sets from the contacts.

Grab the Contact ID, Last Name, Org. Contact, Relationship type. for all active users.

Field Delimiter: comma